family_corn_2_roundedStonaleen Farms is located just outside of Listowel, Ontario and is operated by the Skinner Family: Larry, Nancy, Stewart, Donald, and Kathleen.

After attending the University of Guelph and studying crop science, Larry married Nancy and moved to Listowel.

The son of a farmer, Larry decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and in 1985, Larry and Nancy began running their first hog farm outside of Listowel. In 1994 they purchased 190 acres and today the Skinner family calls this farm – home.

Meet The Skinners

Larry Larry likes to participate in church and community events. He is currently completing online courses at the University of Toronto and plans to complete his Master’s of Divinity. He enjoys singing and is involved in his church choir. He comes and watches his children’s sports and activities regularly.
mom_rounded_corners Nancy is a Kindergarten teacher in Listowel. She enjoys music and is the conductor for our church choir. The harvest months are never a dull moment for Nancy as she cans and preserves anything and everything, from Dill Pickles to Raspberry Jam. She enjoys spending time in the garden and baking for her family. Her biggest priority is her family and she loves watching her children play sports any chance she gets.
Stewart Stewart attends the University of Guelph where he has completed a degree in Agriculture Business and is working towards his Master’s in Agricultural Economics. Stewart likes getting involved in school activities; he was a member of the student chapter of the Canadian Agricultural Marketing Association (CAMA) and serves as the chairperson for Student Federation of the Ontario Agricultural College. He loves playing sports and takes part in both local and university sports leagues.
donald_rounded_corners After receiving his bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Donald has returned to the University of Guelph.  He is working as a graduate student studying Swine Nutrition.  Donald loves sports and was a member of the University of Guelph varsity soccer team. Donald is also active on the Guelph campus; he was chosen to be the president of the student chapter of CAMA in 2010. He is also a gifted speaker and has been known to emcee community events with his brother from time to time.
kate_rounded_corners Kathleen is entering her third year at high school in Listowel. She shares her brothers’ love of sports and plays hockey and soccer locally, as well as field hockey at her high school. Kathleen also has a flair for the arts; she completed her grade 8 piano exam,  accompanies and sings in her high school choir and volunteers at a local art camp. She is very active in her church, singing in the church choir and helping to teach Sunday school.

Our Farm

barnStonaleen Farms Ltd. was founded in 1994 and has grown to become a mixed farm that produces pork as well as grains and oilseeds, such as corn and soybeans. Stonaleen Farms uses a pig production method termed farrow to finish, meaning we take care of the pigs from birth to market age. This helps to bring the amount the pigs travel to a minimum, not only lessening the impact on the pigs, but the environment as well. Our farm uses guidelines set out by the European Union for animal welfare and we never use growth promoting antibiotics or hormones.

To ensure the safety of your food, we follow the stringent guidelines set out by the Canadian Quality Assurance program. We have completed an Ontario Environmental Farm Plan to make sure we don’t damage the environment around us. We are also an approved Foodland Ontario supplier and are certified under the Homegrown Ontario program.